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Calling All Book Worms! National Read a Book Day is September 6th

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read a book

This year, National Read a Book Day is on Thursday, September 6th. International Literacy Day, a different holiday celebrated on Saturday, September 8, rounds out this week for book lovers. For some suggestions on how to celebrate each of these holidays, keep reading.

  1. Host a book swap.

    If your apartment at Adams Crossing is bursting with books that you’ve already read or have no interest in reading, consider getting some friends together to exchange books. To make the event extra special, order a book-shaped cake and have each person dress up as a stereotypical character from a popular genre.

  2. Make a book.

    This doesn’t have to be a novel. You can find online guides on binding journals, formatting comic books, or even publishing zines (colorful magazine style booklets). Plus, all of these creations would make great gifts for loved ones.

  3. Read a book written in a language you don’t speak. 

    Foreign authors are a blessing to us all. Through their writing, we can experience cultures, sensations, and events that we would never know otherwise. Ask your local librarian which books would provide the most enriching and challenging experience. When you’re done reading, take a moment to appreciate the translators whose work makes such delights possible.

  4. Read to a child. 

    The easiest way to create a life-long book lover is to expose them to other voracious readers. Sit down with your child (or niece, nephew, grandchild, etc.) and make a book come alive for them. You’ll loosen up in the process and learn to see the story from a child’s point of view.

Happy reading!

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