new year's resolution ideas

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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new year's resolution ideasWith 2018 quickly approaching, it’s time to set goals for the coming year. If you still need to decide what you want to accomplish in 2018, consider these New Year’s Resolution ideas.

Make time for an old hobby

Between school or work and everything else life throws at you, carving out time in your schedule for things that just make your heart happy can be difficult. But think back to when you actually had some free time on your hands — probably college? High school? When someone asked you, “So what do you like to do for fun?” what did you say? Whether it was to collect stamps, to watch birds, or to create handmade jewelry, make it a goal for 2018 to pencil that back into your hectic schedule.

Manage finances better

Finances are a source of stress — no secret there! You can, however, minimize this unavoidable headache by organizing finances. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets work well for people with regular desktop access, but there are also handy apps like Mint, which guides you through making a budget — and sticking to it!

Become more active

The classic New Year’s resolution is to lose weight or exercise more. If that’s what you want to accomplish in 2018, good for you! Just make sure you have a plan for how you will achieve your fitness goals. Read this article about SMART goals to set yourself up for success.

Keep in touch with loved ones

Hopefully over the holiday you get to see lots of your friends and family. But come February, have you continued to keep your long distance loved ones in mind? A goal for 2018 that will bring joy to you and others is to regularly call, Facetime, or visit loved ones. Just think about how happy a simple phone call will make your grandma!

Stick to a regular sleep schedule

An article recently published by SELF revealed that the quantity of sleep you get can’t compensate for an irregular sleep schedule. In other words, “catching up on sleep” doesn’t actually work. Instead, going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning helps regulate your body clock, allowing you to feel more well-rested throughout the day. Sounds like a good goal to work towards in 2018.

Adopt a rescue animal

If you have been thinking about adopting an animal but have yet to take the plunge, make that your 2018 New Year’s resolution. So many animals in shelters need fur-ever homes where they recieve all the love, cuddles, and treats they deserve. Take a few minutes to read our past articles Who Rescued Who? To Be Continued… and Who Rescued Who? Part II to learn everything you need to know about rescuing a dog in Waldorf, MD.

Feel inspired by any of those New Year’s Resolution ideas? Let us know what 2018 goals you’re setting for yourself in the comments below!

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