packing school lunches

Finish the School Year Strong with These Creative Ideas for Packing School Lunches

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packing school lunches

The school year is wrapping up quickly! Sometimes kids need a little extra motivation to finish the school year strong. While you might be tempted to throw an extra Little Debbie into your child’s lunchbox to get them through the day, there are healthier and equally fun options available. Preparing the food that your kids eat for lunch every day provides the perfect opportunity to promote healthy eating. All you need is a little creativity! Keep reading for some creative ideas for packing school lunches.

Ideas for Packing School Lunches

Cut-out sandwiches

Whole wheat bread, sliced veggies, fresh deli meats, and healthy spreads like hummus, avocado, and natural peanut butter make any sandwich a winner. Still, you can spice up this classic lunch with a little help from inexpensive cookie cutters. By cutting sandwiches into fun shapes like flowers, stars, or animals, you can make your child more interested in their food and more excited about lunch time. If you perfect this trick, your kid won’t even notice the healthy fillings that you sneakily tuck inside!

Get Crafty with Vegetables

Don’t put the bread away just yet! Kids can decorate open-faced sandwiches and bagels with cut vegetables to make all kinds of designs. Think cartoon characters, initials, and even abstract art! Just remember to use healthy spreads and lots of variety. The more colors, the better!

Crazy Pasta

With a thermos, your options for packing school lunches increase tenfold. You can pack soups, warm dips, and pasta dishes. If you go with that last option, think about using bow-tie pasta, corkscrew shells, giant ravioli, or noodles shaped like letters of the alphabet. Your kid will be the envy of the lunch table. Making large batches of simple pasta recipes using vegetable-based sauces and whole wheat pasta will also help streamline your process for packing school lunches.

With summer vacation in sight, use these creative ideas for packing school lunches for your kids. A fun, healthy lunch will provide the midday boost they need, helping them finish the school year strong!

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