passing the time in the car

Passing the time in the car

In Thanksgiving, Travel by Adam's Crossing Apartments


The Sunday after Thanksgiving is notoriously the worst traveling day of the year. People who took a long weekend for the holiday are forced to head back to their jobs for the week, and as you journey back to your luxury apartment at Adams Crossing, chances are good that you’ll hit some of the dreaded DC traffic. Your only option to combat traffic boredom is to be prepared. Try these tips for passing the time in the car after waking up from your turkey-induced food coma.

Turn up the tunes

Make a playlist specifically for your trip of all your favorite tunes, preferably ones that don’t enhance your road rage. If you don’t have time to put together a playlist, simply download an album you’ve been wanting…TSwift maybe? It’s also worth noting that it’s after Thanksgiving, so it’s acceptable in all social circles to start playing Christmas jingles.


Bring along a book you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found the time to break open. If you’re confined to your car for several hours, you might as well make the most of it! If you’re the driver or tend to get car sick, download an audio book. Your first book through Audible is free.

I spy with my little eye…

Traveling with kids can be rough, but games make the time pass more quickly. Plan ahead by making a bingo board with different things you might see on your journey: an airplane, water tower, dog, etc. Adults can also enjoy the good old alphabet game. Scan license plates, road signs, and the sides of tractor trailers for letters of the alphabet — but it has to be in the right order!

Hello, it’s me.

You most likely didn’t get to see everyone special to you over the holiday weekend, so why not use your time held captive in the car to give the people you didn’t get to see a call? They might be stuck in traffic too and happy for the distraction. Staying safe on the road is your top priority, so ask Siri to call them for you — no searching through your contact list when your eyes should be on the road!

So there you have it! Four tips for passing the time in the car on the worst traffic day of the year. Preparation is key, and remember to stay focused on the number one goal for the day: making it home safe and sound.

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