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Tasty Pepper Recipes to Try for National Pepper Month

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November is National Pepper Month! Sweet or spicy? Peppers are a versatile vegetable that can add bursts of flavor to any recipe. Whether you’re looking for that extra kick, a mild pop of flavor, or a sweet touch, there are a variety of peppers that can be added to a dish to make it delicious. We’ve compiled some of the best pepper recipes to try for National Pepper Month!

Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers

Cheesy and flavorful, this recipe for Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers by Seeking Good Eats is quick and easy! Not to mention, it tastes like tacos with a twist, switching the traditional shell with a crunchy pepper! Not only does that give it added flavor, but it’s also a bit healthier than traditional tacos. A simple yet delicious weeknight dinner, the whole family will love this recipe.

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

It doesn’t get much easier than a sheet pan recipe! These Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas by No. 2 Pencil are both incredibly simple to make and delectable. All you have to do is put the ingredients in a bowl, toss them with spices and olive oil, and then put them on a sheet pan into the oven! In just 20 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy mouthwatering, sizzling shrimp fajitas. Garnish with a splash of lime and cilantro, and you’re good to go!

Image from No. 2 Pencil

Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Fettuccine Alfredo

For a tasty Italian dish, try this recipe for Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Fettuccine Alfredo by Yellow Bliss Road. A thick, creamy roasted red pepper and garlic Alfredo sauce makes this dish the perfect dinner for a chilly fall evening. Upon completion, add a sprinkle of parmesan and chopped parsley, and enjoy!

Low Carb Pizza Casserole

Everyone loves pizza, but it isn’t always the healthiest option! Get the best of both worlds with this Low Carb Pizza Casserole by Homemade Interest. All the flavor of pizza, without the guilt. The best part is that there are endless topping options — including every kind of pepper! Perhaps you want it to mimic a meat-lovers pizza, or include a plethora of vegetables. No matter what you’re craving, the power is in your hands.

Mini Sweet Pepper Bacon Poppers

If you’re looking for a healthy yet filling snack or appetizer, these Mini Sweet Pepper Bacon Poppers by Crafty Morning will hit the spot! Crunchy, sweet, and flavorful, these mini sweet peppers are stuffed with cream cheese and topped with bacon and cheddar. Not only are they full of flavor, but they’re also easy to make. Next time you’re in the mood for a filling yet healthier afternoon snack option, give these peppers a try!

Image from Crafty Morning

Whether you’re looking for a Mexican, American, or Italian dish, peppers are the perfect addition to any meal! For National Pepper month, try one of these pepper recipes. Perhaps you’ll find your new favorite meal!

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