How can you teach kids to live respectfully in an apartment?

What you Need to Know about Raising Children in an Apartment

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How can you teach kids to live respectfully in an apartment?

Despite the traditional popularity of raising kids in single-family homes, parents are beginning to choose apartment communities as the preferred place to start a family.

Older generations have their doubts about raising children in an apartment. However, millennials are drawing towards apartments. This is because of the minimal maintenance responsibility, increased financial freedom, and strong sense of community in an apartment. However, raising children in an apartment doesn’t come without its challenges.

Here are a few guidelines parents can use to keep their kids (and neighbors) happy when raising a family in an apartment community.

Stop the Screaming

When you live in an apartment community, it’s important to be considerate of your neighbor’s peace and quiet even outside of quiet hours.

Out of respect for other tenants, teach your kids that excessive noise during playtime is now allowed. Screaming, drumming on the walls, and playing the television loud are all bad habits. If your child is energetic, try scheduling outdoor play time each morning to wear them out.

Teach Respect for Property

When kids get carried away during playtime, they can do damage to the apartment. Damaged wall paint and stained carpeting are both common “accidents” that result from playtime. Teach kids to respect their apartment unit by explaining how to use their toys properly. You can also teach them what parts of the home (such as cabinets and walls) are not toys.

Encourage Relationship Building

One of the upsides of raising children in an apartment is that you can enforce the importance of being a good neighbor.

By teaching your children to keep their noise down, and to respect common areas and other residents, they can grow up to become respected members of their community.

Teach Tidiness

When living as a family in an apartment home, keeping organized and reducing clutter leads better quality of life. Unfortunately for parents, picking up after children is much easier said than done.

Use toy chests, hanging storage, and multi-purpose furniture to keep toys out of the way. Teach your kids to keep their personal space clean by encouraging “clean up time” in between games and activities.

By choosing to live in affordable apartments, parents can reduce their financial burden and save for big purchases like a home or car. Although it may come with challenges, raising your family in an apartment is beneficial for multiple reasons. Furthermore, it is a fantastic way to teach your children valuable lessons like respect for others and the importance of organization.

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