Home Alone: Reduce your dog’s separation anxiety

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At Adams Crossing, we care about all of our residents — including the ones with four legs! Even the most well-behaved dogs can go through a period of separation anxiety when uprooted and moved into a new environment. Follow these tips towards reduce your dog’s separation anxiety when left home alone.

Tips to Reduce Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Oh, Let the Sun Shine in!

Before leaving the apartment, roll up all window blinds accessible to your dog. They don’t need the privacy. Dogs like to keep an eye on everything going on inside and outside of your home, and they may feel compelled to remove anything hindering them from fulfilling their watchdog duties. If you want to keep your blinds, roll them up.

Turn on the Tube

Flip on HGTV if your dog is a demolition do-it-yourself type or ESPN if he’s more of an Air Bud. The background sound reduces the amount of external noises that could disturb your dog.

A Special Treat

Reserve a toy filled with your dog’s favorite food for when you leave them alone. Most dogs really enjoy a Kong filled with peanut butter. This will give them something positive to associate with solitude and a yummy distraction as you slip out the door.

Start Small

The first time you leave your dog alone at your new apartment should be for no longer than one hour. Take a trip to the grocery store or grab coffee with a friend, and then head back to check on your pup. As they become more comfortable in their new environment, you will be able to leave them for longer periods of time.

Words of Reassurance

Your furry friend understands both verbal and nonverbal forms communication. Before leaving the apartment, tell your dog in a cheerful voice where you are going and that you will be coming back. For example, “I’m going to work, Fido! I’ll be back over lunch to let you out!” It sounds silly, but verbally reassuring your dog goes a long way in reducing your dog’s separation anxiety.

Empty the Tank

Always wanting to please, your dog fears having an accident for you to clean up when you return home. Take your dog out right before leaving to ensure that they won’t be uncomfortable while you’re gone.

Run, Forrest, Run!

Dogs must be adequately exercised before they are left alone. High-energy breeds, in particular, require a long walk, fast-paced run, or trip to the dog park before being left alone for several hours. Remember: a tired dog is a good dog. Adjustment periods vary from a few days to several months depending on your dog’s personality and history, but utilizing these tips will help ease the transition to Adam’s Crossing for your canine companion.

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