small business saturday in waldorf

Shop Local in Waldorf for Small Business Saturday

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small business saturday in waldorf

Small Business Saturday is always the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year it falls on Saturday, November 24th. The holiday was first observed on November 27, 2010, as an alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The latter two promote big box retail stores and online shopping. On the other hand, small Business Saturday focuses on local businesses with physical locations. It encourages shoppers to patronize these establishments before spending money anywhere else. This Small Business Saturday, be sure to shop local in Waldorf!

You may be asking yourself, why is it important to shop local in Waldorf? Before you go do all of your Christmas shopping at Target and Best Buy, here are a few things to consider.

Why You Should Shop Local

Your dollars stay within the community.

This is the most important reason on the list. When you shop online or with a big-box retailer, most of the money you spend leaves the community, going to corporate executives and logistics companies. On the other hand, when you shop with small businesses, your money returns to the community. Furthermore, small business owners are more likely to shop at other small businesses. This brings us to our next point . . .

Thriving small businesses attract other small businesses.

When business owners see that a community supports businesses like their own, they feel encouraged to set up shop within that community.  

Small businesses evolve to meet the community’s needs (rather than the other way around).

Niche bookstores, cherished restaurants, and cozy flower shops do not come from huge, impersonal companies with locations in hundreds of cities. Instead, they come from vibrant communities that local entrepreneurs acquaint themselves with over time, adjusting their goods and services to have a personal touch.

Customer service is often better at small businesses.

If impersonal, crass treatment has turned you away from shopping in-person, consider changing your spending habits to include more small businesses. The workers have a vested interest in treating their customers well.

Small businesses leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Air pollution, heaps of trash, and high electricity usage are not typical of small businesses. However, what is typical are local establishments that care about the health and sustainability of their community because they share it with their customers.

We hope you decide to support small businesses this Saturday, throughout the holiday season, and into the New Year.  We hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Happy holidays!

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