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Spring is Here! Check Out These Spring Cleaning Tips

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woman cleaning

It’s no secret that with the beautiful spring weather comes the dreaded spring cleaning. There’s nothing like procrastinating the deep clean of your apartment until spring finally rolls around. However, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle! With these spring cleaning tips, cleaning will be a breeze. You’ll be left with a beautifully organized space, and it will feel like a breath of fresh air!

Invest in Doormats

Minimize the amount of dirt you track into your apartment by investing in doormats. Put one doormat outside of your door and one on the inside. That way, when you’re leaving or entering, you can wipe your feet to remove any excess dirt or mud, reducing the frequency at which you need to vacuum your space. Doormats can also provide a fun method of decorating for the seasons.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Cleaning Tools

It’s likely that you use the same sponge every day or utilize the same washcloth for drying dishes. Be sure to replace and clean those tools every once in a while so your hard work doesn’t go to waste! Replace your sponges and scrubbing brushes. Additionally, do a load of laundry to wash dish towels.

Clean That Microwave

It’s easy for microwaves to accumulate a mess inside over time. During your spring cleaning, check out this microwave cleaning hack from Good Housekeeping! They suggest microwaving a bowl of water, chopped up lemon, lime, orange, or some vinegar for several minutes. Once the window of your microwave gets steamy, wipe it down inside! In no time, you’ll have a spotless microwave.

Tackle the Junk Drawer

We all have it — the junk drawer. The drawer in the kitchen or your bathroom that holds all the random “stuff” we accumulate. Think about what you might actually need, and then purchase drawer organizers to keep it tidy. Otherwise, toss some of the old items that you won’t be using anymore. In no time, you’ll be kissing that junk drawer goodbye!

Closet Cleanout

Now is a great time to go through your dresser drawers and closet to rid yourself of clothes you might not wear. A simple rule of thumb is to get rid of an item of clothing if you haven’t worn it in a year. Otherwise, you might hold onto it forever “just in case!” You can donate items to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army, and your closet will feel cleaner than ever!

These spring cleaning tips will hopefully kickstart your cleaning effort! This year, spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a hassle. Get started, and you and your apartment will feel so much better! Now that your apartment is cleaned up, check out these ways to decorate your apartment for Spring.

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