teacher helping student

Teacher Appreciation Week: Ways to Thank a Teacher

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teacher helping student

May 2nd – 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers have a hand in shaping our children’s future, and for that, they deserve some recognition! Not to mention, it’s no secret that in the past couple of years, teachers have had to completely transform the way they go about their days to ensure our youth still receive a good education. So whether you have children in school or a friend or family member who is a teacher, it’s a time to show thanks. Check out these ways to thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Get Them a Gift Card

Ask the teacher in your life what their favorite restaurant or coffee shop is, and get them a gift card! You could get them a gift card to places like Starbucks or Panera, or you could get them a gift card to somewhere like Target or Amazon! The options are endless. If you’re close to the teacher, ask them what they might like best! This is a thoughtful gift that they can use at their leisure.

Donate Classroom Supplies

Many teachers have to buy their classroom supplies like markers, pens, pencils, and other related classroom items. For Teacher Appreciation Week, consider donating classroom supplies! Whether you buy a couple of things from your local office supply store or organize a donation with other people to gather as much as possible, you’ll be helping out a teacher.

Bring a Treat to the Teachers’ Lounge

Coffee and bagels, cookies, or even a catered lunch, consider bringing something tasty to the teachers’ lounge at a school! Be sure to call the front office ahead of time to make sure that you’re allowed to bring in a treat for the teachers, and they’ll likely be able to give you the proper instructions.

A Hand-Written Note

A hand-written note can go a long way. Perhaps there’s a teacher you’ve had in the past that had a lasting impact. Or maybe your child really enjoys their teacher. Either way, writing a note thanking the teacher for all they do is a meaningful gift. In addition, it confirms to teachers that what they’re doing is making a difference!

Teachers do a lot for us. They guide us, help us, and educate us, and they do so for a good portion of our lives. Consider one of these ways to thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week!

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