Packing isn't the only thing you need to do before moving out!

6 Things Most Renters Forget to Do Before Moving Out

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Packing isn't the only thing you need to do before moving out!

Moving out? Add these items to your to-do list before it’s too late!



Moving is a stressful experience, even when you’re staying in the same area. Not only do you have to keep up with daily obligations (like work or school), but you now have the added responsibility of packing your home before move out day.

While preparing to sign a new lease, it’s important to remember that there are a few things to be completed with your old landlord before completely vacating your apartment.

To increase the chances of getting a good review on your rental history and increase the chances of getting your security deposit back, look at these 6 essentials you need to do before moving out of your Charles County MD apartment.



1)     Clean



Doing a deep clean of your apartment is a great way to increase the chances of getting your security deposit back in full.


A few days before your final move-out, consider cleaning the following:


  • Bathrooms
  • The Kitchen
  • Carpets
  • The stove/oven range
  • Apartment appliances (like the refrigerator)



2)     Remove all your Possessions


If there are belongings left in your unit after your move-out date, they will be thrown away by maintenance personnel and the cost of removal will likely be deducted from your security deposit.

Instead of rushing to move in one day, take a few days to relocate your possessions to your new apartment.

3)     Patch Up Holes in Walls



Patching up nail holes from picture frames and posters is a great way to increase the chances of receiving your security deposit back in full.

All you need for this simple project is wall putty and a small can of touch up paint – these supplies can be purchased from your local hardware for under $10.



4)     Do a Final Walk-Through



In Charles County MD apartments like Adams Crossing, renters are expected to do a “walk through” of your unit with the community’s property manager.

This short meeting allows the property’s representative to check for damage to the unit and gives you the opportunity to explain any wear-and-tear that seems beyond normal.



5)     Turn in Keys



You must return your keys to the leasing office before vacating your apartment. If you forget, you risk forfeiting a portion of your security deposit.

Note: Garage door openers or keys to any of the community’s facilities (like a pool or exercise facility) must also be returned on your move-out date.



6)     A 30-Day Notice



Hundreds of renters are penalized every month for neglecting their responsibility to submit a written notice. Don’t be one of them! Leaving a 30-day notice is the first step to getting your security deposit back in full and keeping a clean rental history. If you need help drafting your move-out notice, use this template to get started.



By remembering to take care of these 6 obligations for the unit you’re vacating, you increase the chances of reclaiming your full security deposit and keeping your rental history clean.

If you have any questions about the expectations for moving out of Adams Crossing, contact our leasing office today at (240) 585-7100.