women giving each other presents

Tips for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

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women giving each other presents

With the holidays quickly approaching, feeling a little overwhelmed is normal! After all, holiday shopping can be a difficult task to tackle — especially if you have an extensive list of people to shop for! It can not only be challenging to decide what to get people, but it can also be hard to achieve that within your budget. This year, check out these tips for holiday shopping on a budget to make shopping a breeze.

Plan Ahead

First things first, it’s important to think about everyone you’re planning on getting a gift for. Write this down on a piece of paper so you can see it in full. This can help you understand what size budget you’ll be working with to help you plan accordingly. This list will also ensure you don’t forget about anyone!

Set a Budget

Once you have your list of people you will be shopping for, think about how much you’d like to spend for each person. Or, you could give yourself a maximum budget and divvy it between the list as you see necessary. Either way, this can make shopping more manageable since you’ll have a monetary cap for each person on your list.

Talk to Friends and Family

Before you begin making purchases, talk to friends and family members if you’d like to set a dollar limit on gifts. For instance, for a friend, you could ensure neither of you gives each other something over $20. This not only helps you remain within a budget, but it can also help relieve the pressure of getting each other an “equal” gift!

Download Honey for Online Shopping

If you’re doing most of your holiday shopping online, you’ll want to download Honey. You can download the Honey browser extension for free to Chrome on your desktop. Next time you’re shopping online, Honey will automatically look for discount codes and apply them to your cart to find you the best deal! Is there an item you’re looking for that’s out of your budget? Honey will notify you if there is a price drop on that item. This free extension helps you get the best bang for your buck. All you have to do is download it and shop like you normally would! Applying discount codes has never been easier with Honey.

Get Creative with Gift-Giving

Shopping for both friends and family can become overwhelming. After all, if you gave a gift to every friend you have, it could quickly add up! However, if you have a tradition of gift-giving with one of your best friends, you could designate a specific item for a gift exchange. For instance, you could both exchange a unique bottle of wine and have a night enjoying it together. Or, you could exchange your favorite type of coffee. This makes it simple and fun, without spending a ton on a materialistic gift. Not to mention, you get to spend time together while enjoying your gift exchange!

Don’t let the stress of holiday shopping get in the way of the most wonderful time of the year! With these tips for holiday shopping on a budget, you can stay within your budget while making gift giving easy.

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