Unexpected Guests? Tips to Prep your Pad

In Apartment Living by Adam's Crossing Apartments

“We’re on the way! Be there in 15.” Your friends are unexpectedly coming over to your beautiful luxury apartment at Adam’s Crossing for happy hour, but your place is a mess! How will you ever clean everything up in time? Follow these tips to prep for unexpected guests. 

Round up the Dishes

If you have coffee mugs in your room or dishes waiting in the sink for a wash, quickly collect them and find them a new home in the dishwasher before your guests arrive.

Take Out the Trash

The same goes for trash. Grab a trash bag and dump everything from the empty cereal box you finished this morning to last week’s grocery receipts that are still lying on the counter.

When in Doubt, it’s Dirty

Sometimes bedrooms turn into dressing rooms. A shirt you wore for a few hours one day last week still lies on the floor. Is it actually dirty? YES. For the sake of time, just throw it in the dirty laundry hamper.

Stack it Up

Your dog’s BarkBox came yesterday, and your gym bag hasn’t been unpacked from last night. Gather all miscellaneous items, boxes, and bags, and neatly stack them in a corner or along the room’s perimeter. There isn’t time to find proper places for everything, but it’s better than having things strewn around the room.

Sparkly Clean

Always keep a container of Clorox wipes on-hand to quickly wipe down surfaces. This also gives your apartment a fresh scent.

Less is More

Grab your vacuum, broom, or Swiffer to spot clean your floors for tufts of dog hair and fallen flower petals. No need to cover every square inch.

Finishing Touches

Straighten the couch pillows and flip on the lamps to top it all off. Your unexpected guests will think you’ve been preparing for them for days! Because your luxury apartment always looks this good, right? *wink, wink*

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