uses for mason jars

It’s Time to Get Crafty with 5 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

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uses for mason jars

November is National Mason Jar Month. Mason jars are named for John Landis Mason who invented and patented their design in 1858. Using a metal band, a steel-shaped disc, a rubber ring, and a glass jar, Mason was able to create a hermetic seal that proved useful for preserving food long-term. While the jars were originally used for canning fruits and vegetables, they’ve made their way into mainstream interior design, Pinterest boards, and are even sold as coffee holders. If you’re interested in discovering alternative uses for Mason Jars, you’ve come to the right place!

Mason Jar Uses

1- Miniature Herb Garden:

Oregano, thyme, basil. Instead of buying these essential ingredients at your local grocery store, grow your own! All you need is some soil, seeds, and a reliable light source. Water your seeds per the instructions on their package. Soon, you’ll have your own homegrown herbs.

2 – Storage Container:

Use your jars to store a variety of things including makeup brushes, pencils, rubber bands, scissors, and spools of thread. You can also use them to attractively display ingredients like dry pasta, granola, and trail mix on your kitchen countertop.

3 – Light Decorations:

String lights should not be relegated to Christmas trees and college dorms — although it is convenient that Christmas is next month! Stuff some lights into a polished mason jar for a glowing, celestial decoration that you can place anywhere. These are wonderful for special events like parties.

4 – Overnight Oats:

Mason jars are excellent for food prep, and one of the most delicious and practical examples of this is overnight oats. Pour uncooked oats into a clean mason jar. Stop when the jar is half full. Then, pour either milk or water into the jar until the oats are covered. You want about the same amount of oats and liquid. Don’t be afraid to get creative by adding fruit, seeds, or even chocolate to your concoction. Set the jar in your refrigerator to mix overnight. Stir and eat for breakfast!

5 – Tissue Dispenser:

Are you tired of buying unattractive tissue dispensers that clash with your decor? Consider storing your tissues in a decorated mason jar. In order to decorate the jar, use glue and tissue paper to make a colorful collage design. Make sure to apply a heavy layer of glue over the paper as well. Then, punch a hole in the top of your lid and thread the tissue through the opening. Easy and chic.

We hope this gave you some ideas of new uses for mason jars that you’d like to try. Happy Crafting!

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