Using Shelves to Reduce Apartment Clutter

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Organizing an apartment can be hard, particularly if you’re living in a one bedroom, but even tenants who live in two bedroom units struggle to reduce apartment clutter and stay neat. Our luxury apartment in Waldorf, MD are larger than the national average, however utilizing all the floor space you can for recreational activities makes a huge difference in your household’s quality of life. If you’re searching for ways to find more space in a small apartment, using shelves to keep small household items out of the way can make a world of difference in rental.

Using Shelves as a Dresser

One of the most cluttered areas of apartment units is the bedrooms. Clothing, books, and other personal items almost always end up in the bedroom, but most apartment homes don’t come with enough storage space to keep all these items out of the way. Rather than filling your room with bulky furniture such as end tables and desks, try installing some slim apartment shelving to keep your walkways clear for other uses. In fact, shelves can even be used in place of a dresser! To do this, simply install your new shelving in your closet; then, fill up your new storage space with shoes, folded clothes, and seasonal items to give yourself a surprising amount of room.

Using Shelves for a Bigger Kitchen

Ah, the apartment-sized kitchen. Although the average “house kitchen” size is around 300+ square feet, most apartments have kitchen dimensions starting at 10’ X 10’ and up (ours are 98’ X 9’). Between dry food, pots and pans, and other cooking utensils, families living in apartments may struggle to find enough space for all of their kitchen supplies. Thankfully, adding a few affordable shelves in your pantry, above your stove, or even next to your sink can help to free up valuable counter space. If aesthetics are important to you, there are dozens of exciting shelving patterns you can build (or buy and install) on a lazy weekend.

Using Shelves to Divide a Room

If you need to reduce apartment clutter and divide a room at the same time, stand-alone shelving can be a life-saver. These unique shelf designs give you the opportunity to divide open floorplans between a dining room and cooking space, separate a shared bedroom, and more. Generally, most are big enough to store everything from full-size books to board games, which can come in extremely handy for families struggling to fit all of their shared possessions into a common space.

Luxury apartments in Waldorf, MD tend to have spacious floorplans, but crowding that space with coffee tables and night stands can really impact the amount of walking room you have. Instead, shelving is a fun and affordable way to add character to your apartment without cluttering your floor space with stand-up cabinets and coffee tables. Not only will you have more room to entertain guests, you can also use the floor space for creative purposes like painting, doing puzzles, or simply relaxing and reading a book. How do you plan to use shelves in your apartment? Let us know (or post pictures) in the comments!