Sending a letter to your landlord matters

Why Giving your Landlord a Notice is a Must

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Sending a letter to your landlord matters

Moving is a stressful process. 


Between finding a new home, changing utilities, and packing, it’s hard to find time for just about anything else. During such a busy time in your life, giving your leasing office a formal notice to vacate can seem like a chore.

But as a responsible renter, submitting a written notice is exactly what you need to do. 

In accordance with state law, vacating apartments in Charles County, MD requires tenants to submit a written notice stating their intent to move out. Depending on your community, the notice should be submitted anywhere between 15 and 60 days before your move date.

Let’s look at why this is a standard procedure around the country, and how to can ensure your move goes smoothly.


Why Do I Have to Give a Notice?


Giving a notice may seem unnecessary, but it’s an essential consideration to give to your property manager. Although it may seem tempting, there are serious repercussions for renters who neglect to notify their leasing office about their move.

Not only does a notice give your leasing office adequate time to find a new tenant, it’s also used to determine whether a prorated amount of rent will be charged for the remainder of your tenancy.

The bottom line is this: in every lease, renters agree to providing a written notice – failing to do so violates those terms.

What If I Don’t Give a Notice?


Deciding to not leave a notice with a leasing office can result in a variety of unwanted outcomes, including:

  •  Charges for the up to an additional month of rent
  • Re-allocating your security deposit to cover any outstanding rent costs
  • Negative feedback on your rental history


Although it can seem tempting, deciding not to leave a notice can result in one (or all) of these unwelcome outcomes. Instead of tarnishing your rental history (or forfeiting your security deposit), vacate your apartment the right way.

Use the three steps below to make your move go smoothly. 

What’s the Proper Way to Vacate an Apartment?


The procedure for submitting a notice to vacate your unit will vary on the rental community you live in.

Most often, the process is made up of three steps: 

  1. Submit a written notice: 

Legally vacating apartments in Charles County, MD requires at least a 30-day notice, which must be submitted in writing to your leasing office.

Being on a short-term lease does not cancel your responsibility to give an adequate notice. If you are on a month to month lease, note that you’ll still have to give a 30-day notice to your landlord when the time comes to move out.

  1. Prepare your Apartment for Move-Out Day: 

Before your move-out day, take some time to clean your apartment. Have your carpets professionally cleaned and seal any holes in the walls caused by picture frames.


  1. Do your Final Walk-Through: 

Before moving out, it’s highly recommended that you do a final walk-through with your property manager. The process should take no more than one hour, and will increase the chances of reclaiming more of your security deposit.


Regardless of your situation, you should always submit a notice to your landlord. 

If you choose not to provide an adequate notice, your landlord will have the right to collect any outstanding rent costs, and may also be forced to use all (or a portion of) your security deposit to cover the difference owed.