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Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean & Organized

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woman cleaning dishes

Once Spring comes around, that’s typically when we start thinking about cleaning and reorganizing for “Spring Cleaning.” However, what if we told you there’s a way to minimize the pain of the yearly deep clean? Don’t wait for springtime to become your cleanest self! With these tips, you can keep your apartment clean and organized year-round.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed is a great way to start the day. It sets you up for a day of organization and helps keep your bedroom looking clean. Not to mention, it means your bed is ready for you at the end of the day! Once you get into the habit of making your bed daily, it will become second nature. It’s important to keep your bedroom organized, as it’s a place you should feel relaxed and stress-free. So start your day off right by making your bed!

Wipe Down the Counters After Cooking

Another simple way to stay ahead of cleaning is wiping down the counters after you cook. Tackling the cleaning right away gets leftover food and grime up before it dries and hardens, making cleaning the kitchen a breeze. If you get into the habit of wiping down the counters after cooking and eating, your kitchen is sure to stay spotless. Use one of your favorite cleaners and a paper towel to get the job done and leave a fresh scent in your wake.

Put Clothes Away Right After Wearing Them

At the end of a long day, it’s tempting to toss clothes on the ground, in your closet, or even on your bedroom floor. Rather than take the easy way out, take the extra minute or two to put them away. Whether they’re dirty or clean, toss them in the hamper or hang them up and put them back in your closet. This helps avoid major clothing pile-ups and is a simple way to keep the floor clean in your bedroom.

Use a Doormat

As a surprise to no one, our shoes can track in dirt and debris, making your apartment a mess! Invest in a doormat and ensure everyone wipes off their shoes before entering your apartment. An added bonus to keep your space clean is taking off your shoes right when you walk through the door. This can be a hard habit to enforce but definitely minimizes the amount of dirt tracked through your apartment, so you don’t have to vacuum as often.

Vacuum Once a Week

Establish a vacuum schedule to ensure your floors stay spotless! Even if you can’t see it, there’s likely a surprising amount of dirt and hair on your floors. Setting a consistent vacuum schedule once every one or two weeks is a great way to stay on top of it. Especially if you have a pet, dirt can build up! Try to set a reminder for yourself on your phone to vacuum more frequently so that floors don’t have to get incredibly dirty in-between vacuums.

Don’t Leave Dishes Overnight

While it’s tempting to head to bed after a night of Netflix and leave your dishes to deal with in the morning, this is a hard habit to break. However, if you tell yourself you have to clean up before the morning, it’s an easy way to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Load up your dishwasher or wash dishes before going to bed! Then, when you wake up, you’ll be pleased to see a spotless kitchen rather than having to clean up yesterday’s mess.

These simple tips to keep your apartment clean and organized will transform how you think of cleaning. Rather than letting dirtiness pile up until it’s too much, implement daily habits that will keep your apartment looking good as the day you moved in. Start by making small changes so that your space will remain spotless! For more cleaning tips, check out our blog, Tips for Your Next Closet Cleanout.

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