Who rescued who? To be continued…

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When you make the exciting decision to welcome a rescue dog into your family, several considerations must be addressed. If you do decide to rescue a dog, you will soon wonder who rescued who. However, there are a variety of things to consider before making this life-changing decision! Where will I find my new furry friend? What kind of dog should I rescue? How much am I willing to spend? What will my roommate think? How will I exercise my fur baby? These are all excellent questions that we can help you answer in this two-part series.

Dogs await their fur-ever homes right here in Waldorf. Check out the Charles County Humane Society and Last Chance Animal Rescue to see a list of pups currently available for adoption. Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland currently specializes in cat adoption, but dogs pass through as well. If you love beagles, Waldorf hosts its own beagle rescue, dedicated to finding homes for rejected hunting dogs.

The kind of rescue dog best suited for you greatly depends on your lifestyle. The most obvious considerations are age, breed, and size. A puppy requires significant training and exercise, and they possess a stronger tendency to chew and destroy. A senior dog offers a more turnkey solution if you don’t have the time or patience to spend training.

A dog’s breed offers a rough generalization about his or her temperament. Consult your Adam’s Crossing leasing specialist about breed restrictions. The stereotypes do not always hold true, but certain breeds tend to be better with other dogs, people, and small children than others. For example, even the über-friendly labrador breed may not be optimal for small children because of their inclination to jump when excited.

Closely related to breed, size must be considered when choosing your fur-ever friend. Adam’s Crossing enforces a seventy-pound weight limit. Large dogs require more food, a bigger bed, and more space overall. Lack of training also expresses itself more prominently in large dogs. Would you rather have a Great Dane or a Maltese who pulls on their leash? Conversely, many benefits come with large dogs. For example, most large breeds do not require regular grooming other than nail trimming and baths, and they tend to have a less “yippy” disposition.

Wondering who rescued who yet? Stay tuned for Who rescued who? Part II!

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