Who Rescued Who? Part II

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At Adam’s Crossing affordable luxury apartments, we’re home to some pretty pawsome residents! If you’re considering adding a rescue dog to your apartment family, we recommend reviewing our last article before reading on. If you do decide to adopt a furry friend, you will wonder: who rescued who?

Budget for Your Buddy

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk about finances. Rescuing a dog requires compassion and patience, but you also need financial resources. Most rescue organizations charge a fee at the time of adoption. The fee is to cover the food and medical care your dog received during their time at the rescue. This is just the beginning of the (well-worth-it) expenses your dog will demand. The list of purchases you will make for your dog includes but are not limited to food, vet visits, vaccines, monthly heartworm/flea, and tick medications, toys, and a collar and leash. In addition, there are often apartment fees. Adam’s Crossing requires a $300 pet payment upfront and a $30 monthly fee for your dog’s rent. Many rescue dogs also need special medical care. Analyze your budget with these expenses in mind to ensure you have the necessary funds to support your canine companion.

New Roommate?

Before bringing home your new family member, definitely consult your roommate. You share a space and don’t want to jeopardize your relationship, so it’s important to be considerate of their preferences. Make sure they know that you won’t be asking them to shoulder any of the responsibilities associated with your four-pawed roommate. Your human roommate might be equally excited about adopting and want to help care for the fur baby; that’s dog-gone great! However, unless you want to risk having to share the pup after living together, insist on paying for all doggie expenses.

Get Moving!

Depending on the dog you rescue, he or she might need A LOT of exercise. Devise an exercise plan before adopting. Adam’s Crossing and Waldorf boast many options for tiring out your canine friend. Walk or run around Adam’s Crossing’s beautifully landscaped community, or visit the White Plains Dog Park for some socialization for both you and your pup. For extra energetic dogs, doggie daycare offers a wonderful alternative for your fur baby to staying home alone while you’re at work. Options near Adam’s Crossing include Happy Tracks Boarding Kennel, Blue Spring Kennel, and The Playful Pup. Please thoroughly research each daycare before enrolling your pup to ensure that you make the best choice for your dog’s needs. If you decide to leave your fur baby at home, refer to our previous post Home Alone: Reducing your dog’s separation anxiety.

Located in Waldorf, MD, Adam’s Crossing offers affordable luxury apartments ranging from two to three bedrooms for you and your four-legged friend. Haven’t taken a tour of the Adam’s Crossing community yet? Contact us to schedule a tour with one of our property managers and check out the second phase of our development, Adam’s II.