Who should you include on a rental lease?

Who Should I Include on My Lease?

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Who should you include on a rental lease?

When you’re moving into a new apartment, signing your lease is the first thing you’ll do. Arguably the most important purpose of a rental agreement is to clearly define who is living in the unit and who will be responsible for paying rent. Below, we discuss the most common questions renters have about who to include on their lease.

Complete your Rental Agreement Truthfully

Sometimes, renters decide to exclude adults from their lease even though they live in the home. Often, this is because those adults have a poor rental history or credit score that they fear could disqualify them as residents.

While this simple exclusion of information may seem like a trivial matter, it is a breach of rental terms. Like most apartments in Charles County, Adams Crossing has strict rules against breaking a lease agreement for any reason.


When it comes to renting, most apartment communities share a single requirement. All people living in the unit (over the age of 18) must be listed on the rental lease.

This means that all adults must submit a rental application with the leasing office in order for them to evaluate their rental history and credit score. If approved, each adult must sign the lease before move-in.

In doing so, they are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the property management company.

Note: Being on the rental agreement also means that those individuals are equally responsible for paying rent and maintenance costs. If there are any unpaid expenses after move-out, those charges will appear on the credit report of all adults on the lease.

If a landlord discovers that you have additional adults living in the unit, they will request the adults:

  • Submit an application and be placed on the lease
  • Move-out as soon as possible


In all states, it is not a requirement to list children on a lease (as a responsible party) unless they are over the age of 18 years old. Depending on the apartment community you rent with, your landlord may request that you list children as underage residents.


Very few renters consider that they must list their pets on their lease, but for most communities, it’s a requirement! Renters must disclose all cats and dogs on the lease, along with a copy of their medical records and registration. Depending on the community you rent with, your leasing office may request that you pay a pet deposit and/or pet rent to cover the wear and tear that comes with pets.

To rent apartments in Charles County MD, all adults must undergo the entire application process.

Each adult will be asked to submit a rental application to the leasing office and undergo a credit and background check. When the time comes to move-in, all adults must sign the lease agreement to signify their joint responsibility of maintaining the unit and paying off all financial obligations (such as rent and move-out costs) during their tenancy.